About Us

The Jesse B. Collection® was started in 2003 by Jesse Burckhardt Mayer, an award-winning Designer and Graduate of Philadelphia University's Fashion Design program.  She was a Designer for labels such as Urban Outfitters®, Anthropologie®, and Lilly Pulitzer®.  Jesse soon tired of the "Corporate Fashion" bureaucracy and decided to spread her wings and start her own company... 
She originally set up shop in her tiny basement in Pennsylvania and hasn’t looked back.  The Jesse B. Collection® has since moved to a larger studio space and is growing steadily. Jesse keeps a close eye on quality by employing talented, local craftspeople to help make her designs as well as larger American sewing factories for larger production. The start-up risk has paid off.  Now fashionistas from Connecticut to California eagerly shop online to snap up their newest "Jesse B’s."

Inspired by vintage silhouettes and prints, Jesse’s design philosophy is never trendy. It’s based on timeless, classic styles and beautiful tactile fabrics.
The Jesse B. Collection® support American-Made products, and are so thankful you do too!